Top 5 Amazing Space Facts

There is nothing bigger than space. No one even knows quite how big it is, but one thing’s for sure – it’s HUGE! With something so massive there is naturally a lot of exciting stuff going on, and the mere thought of it can make our existence on Earth seem insignificant.

In this video we take you on an intergalactic journey through some of the most beautiful imagery and amazing space facts. 

All facts are taken from my supporting books, available on Amazon. Please check them out!

Space Fact 1

Space is completely silent. That’s right. Because sound waves need a medium to travel through, and there is no atmosphere in space, it will always be completely silent! So how do astronauts communicate? Fortunately, radio waves can travel through space.

Space Fact 2

The footprints made on the moon by the Apollo astronauts will stay there for around 100 MILLION years. Erosion does happen on the moon, it’s just very slow!

Space Fact 3

On February 11, 2010, NASA launched the Solar Dynamics Observatory, which captures images of the Sun in ultra high definition every 12 seconds. NASA made this incredible footage of the sun available to the public.

Space Fact 4

On Venus, a day is longer than a year. How is that, you ask? A year on Venus (how long it takes to complete one whole orbit around the Sun) is 224.7 Earth days. It takes 243 Earth days to rotate on its axis just once.

Space Fact 5

Understandably, the Apollo 11 astronauts were not able to get life insurance. So what did they do? While they were in quarantine prior to the launch, they autographed lots of photographs and memorabilia of themselves that their families could sell in the event of their deaths.


I hope you enjoyed these amazing space facts! If you have any others, please share them in the comments below. For more space facts, check out my books on Amazon.

13 Cutest Cat Gif’s Ever

Even if you’re not a cat lover you can appreciate how adorable and funny they can be! Cats are undoubtedly one of the best things about the internet and it’s easy to spend hours watching funny Youtube videos about them 😀 Dogs are cool, but there’s just something adorable about kitty cats.

So to save you time satisfying your cat needs, we have handpicked some of the cutest cat gif’s that will have you smiling. We’ve picked some of our favorites – but feel free to share your own in the comments below and we will try to include them 🙂

Wow cat!
I wonder what he’s so excited about!


grumpy cat
Who loves grumpy cat?!


cat gif
Pampered kitty :)
kittens hugging
Now you can’t say this is the cutest thing ever?!


kitten gif
Looks painful but oh so cute!


cat twerk
Watch out Miley Cyrus!
cat eating corn
Nom nom nom


cute cat gif


cat bread face gif
Cats are always finding themselves in sticky situations :)


funny cat gif
No dogs allowed!


camo cat
cute kittens
I wouldn’t mind having these cuties climbing my leg :D
cute kitty
Hey, don’t leave me!


Pretty cute, hey?! Let me know which ones your favorite – and share your own in the comments if you have some 🙂


Gifts for the Cat who has Everything

I’m the first one to admit that I’m a crazy cat lady – my two cats are like the kids I don’t have! I can’t stop buying them new gadgets and toys, I think I’m addicted! Ha.

I’ve gathered together some of the most unique items you can buy for your favorite feline. So if you’re looking for a gift for the cat who has everything – this should help 🙂

If you know of any others, please share them in the comments below.

cat toilet training

1. Cat Toilet Training Kit

Now this is probably more a gift for yourself than the cats (if it works!), as it streamlines the litter cleaning process that we all know and love 🙂 I remember seeing a cat going to the toilet and flushing on Youtube several years ago – but now it looks like you can recreate that yourself! Kinda cool 🙂 You can find it here.

cat claw protectors


2. Pink Claw Protectors

You can give the little princess in your life a feline manicure with these colorful claw protectors! They do serve a more practical purpose too as they are designed to stop your furniture getting ruined (too late!). Assuming that they don’t irritate the kitties, these are actually kinda neat – they even come in glow in the dark and glitter versions – oh I could go crazy! 🙂 (Buy)

cat laser toy

3. Automatic Laser Toy

I bought this last week for my two cats who need CONSTANT attention (I can’t keep up!) and it was probably the best $20 I’ve spent. Simply turn it on and a laser moves around the room and voila, instant hands-free cat entertainment 😀 It also comes in a bigger version, which spins 360 degrees around the room – but I wasn’t quite ready to see the whole house get attacked by flying cats! haha (Buy)

cat grass

4. Cat Garden

I love the CatIt range of cat toys (the Massage Center is a hit in our house!), and this one has so far been my favorite. If you have indoor cats like I do, you can still give them a taste of outside with live grass. Make sure you get some extra grass seed, though – my cats devoured this stuff in no time 🙂 (Buy)

cat window ledge

5. Window Perch

Everyone knows that cats love being up high AND looking out of the window, so the stick-on window ledge is a cat’s dream come true! My two cats fight over who gets to sit on it – I probably should get another one! Here’s my kitty enjoying his:

Billy enjoying his window lookout!
Billy enjoying his window lookout!

Screen shot 2014-03-06 at 9.57.46 AM

6. Cat Bali Bed

I have wanted one of these for myself for years, but living in an apartment it’s not very practical! So I might live precariously through my cats and treat them to this gorgeous Bali bed… maybe I can squeeze in too 🙂 (Buy)

So there you go – a few ideas for the cat who has everything! Have you found any other cool ideas? Share in the comments below – would love to hear about them 🙂


Giggidy Giggidy – Quagmire at his Finest!

He’s totally inappropriate and in real life he probably wouldn’t have any friends – but for some reason he gets away with his crude, lewd and totally rude antics on Family Guy and is even somewhat loveable!

There are dozens of cringe-worthy, head-in-hands Quagmire moments, but here are just a few of his finest. Not safe for kids or work – of course 😉 Have any more? Share them in the comments below and we’ll add them in!

Quagmire quotes

Got some more? Share them in the comments below and we’ll add them in!

World’s Most Dangerous Roads

Everyone loves a road trip – it’s one of the best ways to see new parts of the world. But sometimes to get the best view and the quickest route, you have to travel along incredibly dangerous roads. For some it is a thrill-seeking experience and for others it is their worst nightmare.

So buckle up, here are five of the world’s most dangerous roads – either for you to avoid or enjoy!

Trollstigen, Norway

One of the best ways to see the beautiful fjords of Norway is by car. However, with the rugged terrain comes treacherous roads, which are certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Translated to ‘troll’s ladder’, it’s easy to imagine what Trollstigen looks like – very high and with very sharp turns. While it’s not advised to take in the view as you’re carefully navigating the turns, the view from the top is amazing. Whether it’s worth risking your life for is another question.

world's most dangerous roads

Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

Carved out of the mountainside, the Guoliang Tunnel Road is truly marvellous to look at, but you probably wouldn’t want to be in the driver’s seat (or even worse, as a passenger).

Just five metres high and four metres wide, the 1200 metre long tunnel does not tolerate any mistakes. You require sheer concentration and nerves of steel to brave this incredibly dangerous road. But despite the risks involved, it is a huge tourist attraction for the region.

world's most dangerous roads

The Judge Harry Pregerson Intersection, Los Angeles

From above it looks like an intricate maze and when you’re on it, well it really is just that. As one of the most complex intersections in the United States, the Judge Pregerson Intersection is also notoriously dangerous.

With four levels of roads and bridges and entries and exits in both directions, even if you’re an LA local, it is an accident waiting to happen.

dangerous roads

El Camino de las Muerte, Bolivia

The fact that’s it name translates into English as ‘The Road of Death’ pretty much sums up this death-defying mountain road in Bolivia.

With no guard-rails, single lane width and the fact that you’re driving along the side of a shaky cliff makes it no surprise that there are an estimated 200-300 deaths each year on this road. Imagine the number of car accident compensation claims!

Stelvio Pass, Italy

Let’s face it, huge mountain ranges such as the Alps were not built for road traffic. However, that doesn’t stop us from building the roads that get us from one side to the other.

The Stelvio Pass in the northern Italian Alps is best described as a zig zag. At an altitude of over 2 km above sea level, there are no less than 48 hairpin turns making it one of the most hairpin dense routes in the world.

Yes there are breathtaking views, but you’ll want to be keeping your eyes on the road for this one!

dangerous roads

10 Reasons why Seattle is Awesome

Seattle — the largest city in the USA’s Pacific Northwest — has many achievements to be proud of! Known as the Emerald City due to its abundance of beautiful green evergreen trees, Seattle is surrounded by stunning mountains that provide a backdrop for its world-famous city skyline.

So why else is Seattle so awesome? Here are just ten reasons… but I’m sure there are lots more – so feel free to share your own personal reasons in the comments below this post 🙂 Enjoy!

1. It is the most literate city in the USA. This is based on the fact that the Seattle Public Library has the highest percentage of library card holders per capita in the entire country.

seattle facts
Seattle Public Library

2. There are more residents with a college degree or higher per capita than in any other city in the USA.

seattle facts
Seattle Univesrity

3. Almost 12% of Seattle’s total land area is parks and green areas.

4. Compared to other cities of the same size, Seattle has the highest percentage of people who cycle to work.

seattle facts

5. Several of the world’s biggest companies started out in Seattle, including UPS, Microsoft and Starbucks Coffee. It is still home to the world’s oldest Starbucks.

facts about seattle
The world’s oldest Starbucks, at Pike Place Market, Seattle

6. Seattle has the largest houseboat population outside of Asia.

facts about seattle
A houseboat on Lake Union in Seattle, Washington

7. Seattle was built on top of another city, after it was destroyed during the Great Fire of 1889. You can go on underground tours of the old city.

seattle facts
Seattle underground tour

8. Despite being renowned for its heavy rainfall, the cities of Houston, New York and Chicago actually get more rainfall!

A rainy day in Seattle

9. More sunglasses are sold per capita in Seattle than any other city in the USA.

10. Seattle has the second highest number of glass-blowing studios in the world. The first is Murano, Italy.

World-renowned glassblower, David Chihuly is based in Seattle.


Got some more interesting facts about Seattle? Share them in the comments below!

10 Cute and Funny Mila Kunis Quotes

She made us laugh in That 70’s Show and made us cry in Friends With Benefits. Mila Kunis is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars right now – and also one of the funniest and cutest! And she’s also rumored to be engaged just this week to her gorgeous That 70’s Show co-star, Ashton Kutcher. This girl really does have everything!!

Here are some of our favorite Mila Kunis quotes – in meme form of course 😀 Enjoy – and if you have any others, please share them in the comments, we’d love to add to our collection!



Do you have any other favorite Mila Kunis quotes? Share them in the comments below!

17 Peter Griffin Quotes that are So Wrong, they’re Right

Peter Griffin is one special man — in more ways than one. His border-line not-suitable-for-television comments are what make him so watchable. Here are some of the best Peter Griffin quotes that are both hilarious and cringe-worthy:

1. ‘You’d better watch who you’re calling a child, Lois. Because if I’m a child, you know what that makes you? A Pedophile. And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be lectured by a pervert.’

family guy quotes

2. ‘I’ve got an idea–an idea so smart that my head would explode if I even began to know what I’m talking about.’


3. ‘Eh, you’re overreacting Lois and you can’t spell overreacting without ovary… ’cause you’re a girl.’

family guy quotes

4. ‘Hello Sally, h-hey its Peter Griffin. Yeah, that’s right, senior prom, yeah it’s been a listen, um, I just found out that Im retarded and um, I’m just calling to let you know that uh, you might want to get yourself tested.’

family guy quotes

5. ‘All right, all right, make like Siamese twins and split… And then one of you die.’

family guy quotes

6. Peter: ‘OMG, Brian there’s a message in my Alphabits, it says Ooooooooo’, Brian: ‘Peter, those are Cheerios.’

family guy quotes

7. ‘Come on, let’s go drink until we can’t feel feelings anymore.’

Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 8.00.18 PM

8. ‘You can’t be ugly and play hard to get, it doesn’t work that way. You’re already hard to want!’


9. ‘I didn’t have gas for the first time until I was 30. [He farts] What the hell was that?’

10. ‘(Peter & Brian In the middle of a conversation) Oh my God! You can talk!’

Family Guy Peter and Brian 057

11. ‘Oh boy, this is more awkward than having sex with a rhinoceros who doesn’t love you anymore.’

12. Peter: ‘Ok, here’s another riddle. A woman has two children. A homicidal murderer tells her she can only keep one. Which one does she let him kill?’ Brian: ‘That’s not a riddle. That’s … that’s just terrible.’ Peter: Wrong, the ugly one!

family guy quotes

13. ‘Now I may be an idiot, but there’s one thing I am not sir, and that sir, is an idiot.’

Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 8.43.28 PM

14. ‘I’d leave my ass behind if it wasn’t so perfectly attached to my sternum.’


15. You know how you’ve always wanted a real diamond engagement ring?… That’s right, I’ve bought a horse!

16. You see Meg, you’re what they call a “practice girl”.

17. Peter: Do you have any flavored suppositories?

Mort: Peter are you eating those?

Peter: [Sarcastically] No Mort, I’m sticking them up my bum. Pfft. Come on!

peter griffin quotes

 Do you have anymore? Share them below!

10 Gifts for the Sheldon Cooper in your Life

‘The foundation of gift giving is reciprocity. You haven’t given me a gift. You’ve given me an obligation.’  – Sheldon Cooper, Season 2/Ep. 11

Dr Sheldon Cooper – he’s the cute and loveable guy who wants to be nothing but that. Since hitting our screens in 2007, Sheldon and his gang have made being a nerd cool again (if it ever was cool?!). While we might not want to take our nerdiness to a Sheldon level, there is certainly room for a bit of Sheldon’s signature style in our lives.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the ultimate Big Bang Theory fan or simply want to recreate the fun the gang have, here are some ideas that even Sheldon would approve of:

1. Purell

Want Sheldon’s impeccable hygiene and refreshing antibacterial scent? It only costs you less than a cup of coffee, so is the perfect gift for people on a budget. But no, seriously – do not get this is a gift for anyone, unless you want to offend their personal hygiene.

sheldon cooper

2. Dungeons and Dragons 

This classic nerd-a-licious fantasy role-playing game is played/mentioned in six episodes of the Big Bang Theory – in seasons 3, 4, 5 and 6. What better way to spend a Friday night than slaying imaginary dragons?

dungeons and dragons


3. Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Board

The ultimate in nerd-chic, the Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Board may be pricey, but it’s pretty damn cool! For a more budget friendly version, there’s always this one.

sheldon cooper

4. Periodic Table Shower Curtain

Whether you’re studying for a chemistry exam or simply want to know your Na’s from your Mg’s  – the Periodic Table Shower Curtain is the perfect addition to a Sheldon-esque bathroom. Who said your relaxing shower time couldn’t also be educational?

periodic table shower curtain

5. Miracle Fold Clothing Board

Probably one of the most usable gadgets seen on the Big Bang Theory was the Miracle Fold Clothing Board. There’s no surprise that sales of these have since been through the roof – but it’s not just Sheldon’s admirable folding skills that sold it – it really is a pretty nifty gadget!

flip fold

6. Limited Edition Green Lantern Lantern

‘In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight.’ In one of the most memorable episodes of the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon manages to get himself Raj’s Limited Edition Green Lantern Lantern in return for being his wingman (which surprisingly turned out quite well!). Any comic book buff will appreciate the value of this impractical item, but I don’t recommend using it as a pick-up technique, you probably won’t have the same success (but I’d love for you to prove me wrong!).

green lantern lantern

7. Japanese Puzzle Box

No thief will come near your precious valuables when they are encased within a Japanese Puzzle Box. Well, ok, they would probably just take the whole box. Or, in Penny’s case in Season 2, just smash it open with her foot! It might not be a sensible replacement for a safe, but it’s a pretty neat way to annoy the crap out of someone who wants to get inside!

japanese puzzle box

8. The Doppler Effect Costume

doppler effect costume

Is he a barcode? Is he a zebra? Oh no, that’s way too mainstream for Dr Cooper! In one of many episodes of Big Bang where the gang don some pretty awesome – albeit nerdy – costumes, Sheldon’s doppler effect costume in Season 1/Ep. 6 was certainly one of the cleverest. Don’t know what to wear this halloween? Try on a Doppler Effect costume for size!

9. The Klingon Dictionary

Never stumble for the right word in Klingon again. Although most people wouldn’t know a hija (yes) from a ghobe (no), you can feel personal satisfaction that you are fluent in two languages. Not something you want to put on a job application, though… unless you’re applying to work at a Star Trek convention.

klingon dictionary

10. Soft Kitty Toy

Who can forget when the tables turned and Sheldon had to sing his favourite sweet lullaby to Penny in Season 3/Ep. 8? Soothe the soul of your gift recipient with this soft, warm kitty toy. Squeeze its paw and you’ll be treated to a beautiful rendition of ‘Soft Kitty’. While it will never be as nurturing as Sheldon being by your bedside (ha!), it’s (probably) the next best thing.

Screen shot 2014-03-02 at 11.55.25 AM


Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. GOOD NIGHT PUNY HUMAN!

What type of wine glass are you?

If you’re anything like me, a glass of wine is far from being a rare treat – it’s more of an after-work necessity! After recently searching for the perfect gift for my fellow wine loving father, I came across some super awesome wine glasses – and it’s clear that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all option. Oh no, there’s literally a wine glass to suit every personality. Find out yours below:

1. For those who can’t stop at just one glass…

Well it’s certainly an efficient choice. Why waste valuable wine-drinking time going back to the kitchen for top-ups, when you can own the Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass?

cool wine glasses

2. For the drinker who still loves a straw

A must-have for any refined port or liquor drinker, these hand-blown glasses resemble something of a baby’s sippy cup. They are said to help warm up  your drink to enhance the flavours while you sip away. Well they certainly look cool!

cool wine glasses


3. For the red-neck drinker

For the ultimate in red-neck chic, grab yourself The Original Red Nek wine glass. Despite the somewhat off-putting name, it’s actually a pretty cool looking glass!

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 11.18.31 PM


4. For the unstable drinker

You’ve got to admire beautiful design, and these hand-blown crystal wine glasses are certainly a way to impress your special guests. But more to the point, the stemless design will minimise wine-glass-knockovers!

cool wine glasses

5. For the indecisive drinker

Beer? Wine? It can be a tough decision! For those that just can’t make up their mind, keep a WineStein handy. It’s 100% NOT classy, but it’s sure to be a hit at parties.



6. For the health-conscious drinker

Personally, the last thing on my mind when I’m relaxing with a glass of red is how many sit-ups I’ll need to do to burn it off. But for those who actually care about their bodies (and I admire you for that!), the Calorie Counting Wine Glass will do all those complicated calorie calculations for you. And after a couple of glasses, it IS pretty complicated…

cool wine glasses


7. For the on-the-go drinker

It’s ok – we won’t judge you. Sometimes you just need a wine top-up on the go. Or more likely you are attending a picnic/BBQ, but that’s not as fun… These Vino2Go wine tumbler/glasses are even insulated, so no more warm whites!

cool wine glasses


8. For the designer drinker

A double-layered wine glass with a fancy swirly bit of glass at the bottom? It’s totally unnecessary and over the top, but totally gives you the right to brag: ‘my wine glass is better than yours!’. Because, you know – we are all competing for that title.

cool wine glasses



So what type of wine drinker are you?!